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Waterloo Festival of Architecture

Alison Brooks has been invited by the University of Waterloo and the Grand Valley Society of Architects to lecture as part of the festival.

 August 2014

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Churchill Revisited: An AJ & Cambridge University debate

Alison Brooks alongside Claudia and Patrick Lynch, Tommer Emmerson and Elain Harwood of English Heritage present the original schemes to a panel of architects and critics chaired by Paul Finch of the Architects Journal. Tickets are available here.

1st May 2014, 6PM 

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Future Visions: Investing in architectural capital

In celebration of the London Architecture Festival, Design Museum Director Deyan Sudjic asks what the future of architecture holds with Designs of the Year nominees Kunlé Adeyemi, founder of NLE, Alison Brooks of ABA, and Noamí Blager, acting Director of the Architecture Foundation.

Monday 16th June, 8PM

Alison Brooks Architects - April News

RIBA Roundtable: “Improving housing quality: unlocking the market”

Alison Brooks is taking part in a senior level roundtable discussion with Sir Michael Lyons, recently appointed by the Labour Party to lead a review of housing policy.  The discussion brings together leading experts from the housing sector, academics and representatives from local government.

3.30-5.30pm on Tuesday 15th April

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Shortlisted: RIBA London Awards

ABA’s Lens house has been shortlisted for RIBA’s London Award, alongside other iconic 2013 buildings such as Renzo Piano’s Shard, and Zaha Hadid’s Aquatics Centre.

To see the full list, click here.


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AJ Talk: Future of UK Housing?

Alison Brooks talks at an event run by the Architects Journal of the ‘Future of UK Housing’

“Innovating housing design: what we would like our future homes to look and feel like?”

Thursday 10th July – 13:40

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Developers and architects to debate whether Bristol can build the best homes in the UK?

Chaired by RIBA Chief Executive Harry Rich, speakers will outline their vision for creating healthy and sustainable homes for the people of Bristol over the next ten years, followed by a debate on the challenges faced in realising this goal

Wednesday 26th March

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EcoBuild Talk: What is the value of good design?

Alison Brooks and Sunand Prasad discuss the difficult topics of ‘value’ and ‘good design’ at this years EcoBuild

Wednesday 5th March – 15.00 – 16.00

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NLA roundtable discussion on the densification of London’s suburbs.

Alison Brooks takes part in the NLA roundtable discussion, co-hosted by HTA Design LLP, that will bring together a select group of developers, architects, housing experts, planners and Local Authorities to examine the capacity of suburban London for solving this problem.

“Despite £56bn of public subsidy directed at housing since 2008 the supply of housing in London falls far short of requirements. As a result 80% of what is on offer in the capital is affordable to only 20% of the population. Could the densification of the suburbs form part of the solution to London’s housing crisis?”

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Design Museum: Designs of the Year

Newhall Be,  the scheme which challenges the presupposition by housebuilders that we want very traditional looking houses, was nominated. (more…)

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Michael Woodford on Compact Living

Michael Woodford, Director, spoke on the topic of “Compact living : the future space-efficient homes” to an audience in Oslo, Norway. The event was arranged by the National Association of Norwegian Architects (NAL) on the 7th February 2014

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Alison Brooks talks about the “Estate of the Nation” 

Alison Brooks, founder of ABA, was invited by Design Council CABE to talk about “the future of council housing based on past and current design, planning and development trends.” The series of talks was aimed to highlight the subject of council housing and it’s importance in 2014. (more…)

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The Sunday Times/Debrett’s: Britain’s 500 Most Influential

Alison Brooks has been named amongst Britain’s 500 most influential people in The Sunday Times list of individuals who are deemed to “demonstrate outstanding influence, achievement and the capacity to inspire.”  The jury citation states, “Brooks is a powerful force in British architecture with her drive to produce handsome housing for ordinary people.” (more…)

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[11DEC13] Alison Brooks is giving a lecture at the AA on Wednesday 11th December entitled Cultural Infrastructure: The Synthetic Ideal