Alison Brooks Architects ― Housing Architect of the Year

We are thrilled to win our second BD Housing Architect of the Year Award in the company of great competition. Congratulations to our partners, Argent, Hill Group, Rize Alliance, patrons and residents.

Our winning submission included Cadence, a mixed-use scheme in King’s Cross about to start on site, The Passages, a residential development at the heart of the emerging Surrey City Centre in Vancouver, Athena, a Cambridge Universit’s exceptionally ambitious North West Cambridge Development where we designed 143 new homes as a part of, and Durham & Gloucester Court, a regeneration scheme in the South Kilburn Estate that establishes a consistent urban character.

We’re also happy to receive an AYA High Commendation in Individual House Architect category for our projects Mesh House and Windward House, with thanks to our exceptional clients.