Alison Brooks Architects Named as One of Britain’s Top Ten Architects in this Month’s Avontuura

Alison Brooks Architects named as one of Britain’s top 10 architects in this month’s Avontuura alongside Adjaye Associates, Foster + Partners, Heatherwick, Zaha Hadid, and others.

“There’s a timelessness to Alison Brooks Architect’s work that I find quite interesting. First and foremost, their designs are beautiful; but the creativity and research-driven aspect of their practice are what I find most interesting. Their buildings are sensitive to their place while speaking concurrently to their future, and each project has a sculptural quality to it that isn’t lost in detailing. Some of their more well-known work includes the Quarterhouse in Folkestone and Exeter College Cohen Quad in Oxford (pictured).”

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Ceri Edmunds Judging The Photographers Network Award

Our Associate Ceri Edmunds is one of the judge’s in this year’s  Photographers Network Award.

This award has launched three categories of competition, each with a unique theme and unified goal to find the best architectural photography being created around the world.

For more information and to enter the competitions, please visit The Photographers Network’s website.

The Photographers Network

Wood Awards 2020: A Treasured Wooden Object

In celebration of the 2020 Wood Awards, Alison Brooks shared ‘A Treasured Wooden Object’ with Disegno Works.

“These carved maple wood scrolls, each about 30cm long, hang as a pair on a wall in my living room. They formed part of my mother’s collection of 18th- and 19th-century “Canadiana”, which is the unassuming name for the art of Canada’s early settlers.”

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Wood Awards 2020