Neon Waterfront London

‘NEON’ is the working title for the Legacy development to be undertaken after 2012 on the site of the Olympic Media Centre. Our proposal for its southernmost site is a series of buildings composed of ‘stacked farm-houses’ or ‘farm-lofts’, intended to become hub for creative businesses.

Principles behind the unit design:

  • every unit is a two storey high maisonette
  • every unit has a double height space
  • all units have a live/work space • every unit has a minimum 10sm balcony space
  • every apartment building has a rooftop garden space – for greenhouses, cold frames or allotments
  • the corner building has a double height communal rooftop garden.

The buildings will have a distinctive cladding of patterned timber lattices and simple timber rainscreen. The patterns are derived from 19th C handmade quilts. These patterns play with scale and density to give each building a unique character. The sliding aluminum and timber screens will provide sun shading and privacy, and allow climbing plants. The buildings will seem solid from afar, only appearing as a translucent filigree as one approaches.

26 units