Gateshead BIG Tyne and Wear


Birtley Northside is part of the competition winning Evolution Gateshead project for 2,400 new homes on 19 sites across Gateshead, including Birtley Northside, the former Rail Freight Depot, Rowlands Gill, Chopwell, Bensham and Saltwell. ABA worked with Studio Egret West and co-architects S333  Clients Home Group and Galliford Try to create a comprehensive vision for connected, sustainable, active new neighbourhoods across Gateshead.

ABA was responsible for Birtley Northside, a hillside site for 192 homes. This proposition for a ‘Sustainable Suburb’ has a legible street network and new public spaces at the heart of the scheme :  Ecological Park; Ecological Boulevard and Green Steps. Six new house typologies – including Park Townhouses, Stepped Townhouses and Hillside Terraces have been designed to take advantage of the site’s west facing slope with verandahs and roof terraces providing spectacular views of the Angel of the North.

All house types at Birtley Northside are designed to minimum Code Level 4;  LHDG space standards and home working spaces on the ground floor. These flexible spaces will encourage new residents to participate in an economically active, mixed use suburb, underpinned by sustainable transport planning, ecology and community car clubs.

Home Group Housing Association , Galliford Try plc , Gateshead Regeneration Partnership