Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture

“By adding three new elements that are playfully identified by structural components taking the form of three capital letters, the disparate composition of the building is unified along a garden route from the public entrance to the more private parts of the house beyond.”

“On arriving at the site, visitors are met by the most sculptural feature of Brooks’ composition, the O port, which both provides shelter for vehicles and frames the view to the garden. From here, the eye is drawn to the X of the new garden gymnasium and guest pavilion and the V of the house. The pavilion addresses both the house and the entrance, and provides a fully-glazed space between the raised timber floor and the sedum roof held above by the massive X column. The new entrance hall of the main houser is located between a slate terrace and an elevated timber box held on the final letter – a red capital V. Visual penetration into this space is screened by the suspended, perforated metal stair.”