Conscious Cities Conference No. 2

Alison Brooks will be speaking on the subject of conscious design and behavioural insight at the Conscious Cities Conference No. 2: Bridging Neuroscience, Architecture and Technology, a full day event taking place in London’s Urban Innovation Centre.

Building upon the topics and findings from its first conference examining the relationship between neuroscience and architecture, Conscious Cities’ second conference will disseminate and unify the industries and elements needed to create and build a ‘Conscious City’ that is responsive to human activity and needs.

This conference is divided into four segments:

  1. What Does Neuroscience Teach Us About The Built Environment?
  2. How Can We Use High Technology In The Built Environment?
  3. Creating Conscious Design: How Does Behavioural Insight Affect Architecture And Planning?
  4. What Do We Want Life To Look Like In A Conscious City? Ethics In The Built Environment.

Alison’s talk will focus on the transformative social and psychological role that architecture can play, using ABA’s EU Mies Award 2017 finalist Ely Court as an example.

For more information on the event and to book tickets, click here.

Wed, 05.3.17 , 09.00
One Sekforde Street, London
One Sekforde Street, London
One Sekforde Street, London (map)
Conscious Cities