Talk: CABE Design Council “Estate of the Nation” 

Alison Brooks, founder of ABA, was invited by Design Council CABE to talk about “the future of council housing based on past and current design, planning and development trends.” The series of talks was aimed to highlight the subject of council housing and it’s importance in 2014.

Design Council CABE last year posted an article on the ‘Estate of the Nation’, an essay which informs those on the foundations of the event:

“Council estates are out of fashion and under threat of demolition. With the exception of the Barbican and the refurbished Brunswick Centre, none are particularly loved. Regeneration, demolition and rebuilding seem to be the only solution, accepting the destruction of local communities and the loss of much needed affordable council housing and striking architecture…Does this have to happen?”

Alison was among a number of high-profile figures in the Housing world who spoke to a mixed group of local authorities, developers, architect property consultants and businesses, academicians, built environment students and the general public – each with an interest in this extremely relevant topic.

Other speakers included:

Clare Devine, Director of the Built Environment, Cabe

Paul Finch, Deputy Chair of the Design Council and Editorial Director of the Architects’ Journal

Dickon Robinson, Former Development Director, Peabody Trust

Alan Powers, Lecturer at NYU London, former Chairman,      Twentieth Century Society

Mark Mitchener, Managing Director, Rydon Construction     Board

Stephen Fisher, Director, Pollard Thomas Edwards Architects