Scratching the Surface: New London Façades by London Architects

“The wrapping of spaces generates an apparent lightness to the houses which are conceived as an assembly of planar elements as opposed to ‘punched’ masonry.”

New architecture in London presents a richly faceted range of contemporary urban designs, including ABA’s Herringbone Houses. Social and political forces require more than just cosmetic packaging for new buildings. The façade as a public face plays a complex role here. While facades used to perform a static, representative guide, the requirements today focus on communication and interactivity. “Scratching the Surface” surveys the current state of affairs and documents today’s technical possibilities.

The book –which can be used as a guide due to its handy format shows state-of-the-art façade construction. Its detailed technical renderings are meant to appeal to architects, planners and architecture students as well as civil engineers interested in architecture.