Atoll Spa Hotel Helgoland

ABA’s 1997 commission for a new-build spa hotel on the island of Helgoland, Germany included a total design solution for the hotel interiors and entrance set-piece bistro pavilion.

The owner’s intention was to restore Helgoland to its 19thC status as a luxury health spa with the atoll hotel as it’s catalyst. A man-made atoll, a circular steel vessel formerly used as a deep sea diving platform was ABA’s inspiration for the hotel brand and metaphor for the interior concept – to create a tranquil, liquid environment inhabited by plastic forms remote from everyday experience.

The Atoll was conceived as a sensory adventure, where every expectation of a hotel interior is overturned, and every element becomes a medium for invention and delight. Giant cones piercing the foyer floor introduce the atoll concept to incoming guests – allowing voyeuristic views down to swimmers in the pool below.

ABA’s design includes the foyers, bars, two restaurants, conference rooms, cafe, pool and health club, Bistro building, 32 guest rooms and custom furniture. The atoll has been published worldwide in the architectural and travel press, the interior design winning in two categories at the international European Hotel Design & Development Awards 2000.

Arne Weber
32 rooms & facilities
Awards 2
  • HotelSpec European Awards: Best Interior Design
  • HotelSpec European Awards: Best Guestroom Design
Alison Brooks Architects
NPS Architekten
Rheintanz Engineers
Datzer & Partner
Framcke & Sohn Buchholz