Planning Permission Granted for International Quarter London

A unanimous decision was cast in favour of the 350-unit new development, adding to one of London’s newest neighbourhoods.

The organic, sculpted tower geometry with stepped ‘park ledges’ allows greenery to climb the towers in a spiraling movement. The two towers’ distinctive, faceted forms capture and reflect light dynamically throughout the day and are softened by swept cornices that emphasize each park ledge as the forms rise toward the sky.

Supporting a new mixed use neighbourhood culture, our scheme’s ground floor incorporates retail and services spaces, a community project space and a ‘super-lobby’ that expands into a co-working space.

Sustainability is at the heart of this project; our towers’ bespoke blue-glazed, undulating terra-cotta cladding is not only evocative of the character and craftsmanship found in early 20th century towers, but is thermally stable, reduces heat gain and is fully recyclable.

Alison Brooks commented, ‘This project has been a rare opportunity to rethink the nature of residential towers in London, how they can contribute to life of the street and how they can act as neighbourhood catalysts.’

Ceri Edmunds