Placemaking and value

Newhall and Accordia are two of the five case study projects that RICS use as exemplars for delivering “Placemaking and Value” in the first edition of their publication of that title.

On Newhall:

“Newhall very clearly creates something new; there is nothing like it in the local area and the strong commitment to quality and materials, together with the attention to detail in the public realm, helps create a coherent settlement that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.”

“The success of Newhall’s design can be attributed to the architects themselves, the developers who took the risk, and the original masterplanners and landowners who created the vision… Crucially, the additional build costs are subsequently recouped at end-sale receipts.”

“It is evident that residents of Newhall – the longest-term being ten years – feel a strong sense of pride and ownership over their neighbourhood; both the public and private space is very well kept.”

On Accordia:

“The architecture is innovative, with regards to the typologies, layouts and the use of integrated public and private space. Adopting innovative design solutions increased risk given that they had not been market-tested and might not meet with buyer expectations, particularly at this price point and against the economic backdrop of the preceding 10 years. The distinctive design, in conjunction with the undeniably high standard of materials and finish, helped the settlement establish its own identity and a positive reputation.”

“The emphasis on green space and garden living is very effective and creates a very attractive environment in which to live. Again, the standard is high, with well-maintained pear trees and extensive planting of fruits. Furthermore, the blurred distinction between private and public space enhances the community feel.”