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Alison Brooks is a Trustee of Open City, a charity dedicated to the idea that architecture and urban design must make our built environment more accessible and inclusive to everyone. In this article, she discusses the post-covid 19 period with optimism.

The reset button being pushed by the pandemic is a chance for human culture to change for the better. “Times of crisis can bring out the best in people. Inevitably, they make us see the world through a new lens. This coronavirus pandemic is perhaps the first time humanity is seeing the world through a common lens. Suddenly we’re all on the same side, acutely conscious of our interdependence.”

In an interview with Dezeen published last month, Alison Brooks also states that coronavirus is forcing architects to reconsider the importance of amenities like balconies and terraces, as well as space in general. “Whether or not there’s a pandemic, it’s really important to have those outdoor spaces,” she told Dezeen’s Marcus Fairs. “I think there’s going to be a value shift.”

Open City
Open City - Common Cause