Exeter College: The First 700 Years

“The challenge was radically to revitalise the Ruskin College site. The victors were Alison Brooks Architects, fresh from winning the Stirling Prize for architecture for a housing project in Cambridge, who impressed the judges with a bold proposal to build two new quadrangles with great patterned curved roofs inspired by the rich colours of the Victorian Chapel.”

“The Walton Street Site has been re-imagined as a ‘third quadrangle’ for Exeter, a college which has never had more than two presentable quads (as the inhabitants of Hell Quad in the 18th century would testify, and the users of the ‘Fourth Quad’ in the mid-20th century would concur). In terms of reshaping and expanding the physical space of the College, this will be the biggest step since [George Gilbert] Scott.”

Third Millennium
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Ceri Edmunds