Architectural Review: Women in Architecture

Alison Brooks Architects features in October’s Architectural Review among practices that have made a commitment to support and enable change through the Women in Architecture programme.

“Alison Brooks Architects is delighted to sponsor the Women in Architecture programme as a partner. The programme has raised awareness of the often unrecognised contributions women have made to contemporary practice and historically; it has initiated a huge array of opportunities for women to meet and exchange ideas; and it has stimulated debate on workplace equality. All of this we hope will lead to industry change. The programme celebrates the achievements of women in the profession while reminding us that we can all change the status quo.

ABA has grown to a practice that’s 50 per cent female and more than 50 per cent international; we support all forms of diversity. We ensure women are equal in leading our project teams and encourage them to engage in events and discourse outside practice – to make their voices heard. We’re convinced that the practice of architecture must evolve and share the WIA programme’s broader aspiration to create an inclusive profession where there are no social or gender-based boundaries. This is an essential campaign not only for women’s equality, but the quality of the built environment and the future of architecture”

Architectural Review