17 Nov 2020 | CTBUH Live-Streaming Three City Conference

On November 17Alison Brooks will be presenting alongside esteemed colleagues from around the world, including Lord Norman FosterMun Summ Wong, and Patrik Schumacher, to discuss what the future of cities could look like post-COVID.

Could we emerge from this pandemic committed to creating more sustainable and resilient urban environments? View the program and join this great event on the link.

In the second quarter of 2020, much of the world’s office workforce transitioned to working from home. But many homes were never intended to double as workspaces; childcare takes on entirely new, daunting dimensions; and the lack of traffic into central business districts is severely damaging local economies. A panel of leading experts discusses how they’ve dealt with the work-from-home surge in their own lives and companies, and how we’ll work next.