Architecture Alive in Malta.

Alison presented a lecture on New Archetypes and the Civic Ideal at the Architecture Alive event in Malta organised by Studjurban and the Malta Planning Authority. Alison discussed the role of the archetype as a critical architectural and conceptual framework for her work.

Archetypal forms, spaces, organisations and relationships structure our individual experience and collective memory. They act as a springboard for our individual creative acts. She will illustrate how her practice works with archetypal models and local histories to create an experimental, culturally specific architecture including her seminal new academic Quadrangle for Exeter College, Oxford; the Mies van der Rohe nominated Ely Court; the York Castle Museum and residential towers in the UK and Canada. These projects represent the extraordinary range of scales, geographies and social structures; each exploring an expressive materialality and a search locally resonant, sustainable building practice.

Alison Brooks – Architecture Alive


Sat, 10.19.19 , 18:30
MUZA Valletta
MUZA Valletta
MUZA Valletta
Robert Park